Hey there!

Hi, I’m Maya. Thanks for checking out my blog! For those of you who don’t know me, I really enjoy crafting new things. Whether it be phone cases, sugar cookies, stories, videos, you name it! I always like to have my daily dose of creativity. I get my inspo. from places like YouTube, Pinterest, D.I.Y./Crafts Websites, stores, and people all around me.

Another thing that you should know about me is that I love to sing and be goofy! My fave place to go would probably be Alberta, Canada…and also Hawaii (I can’t just choose one).

I have an older sister who’s very independent and loves “lazy days”. My dog T-Bone is the most adorable little guy you’ve ever seen. And I have two great parents.

Here are some more interests of mine: watching movies, eating really good food, exploring new places, skiing, running, reading a good book while snuggling in some blankets, going on service trips, acting, creative writing, sledding and snow, listening to music (Taylor Swift all the way), going on walks, and blueberries!

My mottos (there are many)

“creativity comes with having an idea, and then making it into a reality.”

“you come back to what you ┬áneed.” -taylor swift

“instead of using an umbrella, sing in the rain.”

“never stop doing, even if someone doesn’t give you credit.”

“your best is what you can do at that moment.”

“enjoy what you have instead of regretting what you don’t.” -the longest ride

“people who wait for the right moment wait for forever.”

“i don’t have to scream to be heard. I just have to believe what I say matters.” -the queen of bright and shiny things

“keep your eyes above the water, and your head in the clouds.”

“you can’t force passions; you can only find them.”

“take life’s experiences and build strength from them, not weakness.” -bless me ultima

“you are not your circumstances, you are what you make.” -sequoia pranger

“make someone else’s day a little better.”

“have no fear of perfection. you’ll never reach it. ”

“do justly,

love mercy,

walk humbly.” micah 6:8


ME skiing in Canada.

Me skiing in Canada.