Created by Meera Lee Patel

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Happily Ever After

Happily ever after…take a moment and think about what this phrase means to you? What does your happily ever after look like? Who are you with? What are you doing?

At first, when I think of my happily ever after, I think that it will end with every aspect of my life being amazing. All of my relationships will be perfect, my family dynamics will be good, I’ll be doing what I love, and everything will just seem great.

Chances are, that’s probably somewhat similar to how you imagined your happily ever after.

From stories and movies that end with a happily ever after, the viewer or reader is supposed to infer that from then on, the character(s) live a problem-free-happy life. In reality, this is never true…never possible to say the least. People are always facing different obstacles, and always struggling with something-big or small.

Relating this back to my personal life, I often have the mindset of, when things are totally perfect in my life, then I will be happy. But happiness doesn’t come from your circumstances, happiness comes from what you bring.

But, how can you have happiness when your circumstances aren’t perfect? Fist of all, just look around you. You’re alive, on this Earth. That’s something to celebrate.

Another important thing is learning to be content with what you do have. To every downside there is an upside. For example, even if I didn’t make the school play, I still got the great experience of auditioning. Or, even though I feel like that person doesn’t really like me, I know people who do, or even more importantly, like me. You could think of it as giving value to the positive things.

Another way to find happiness is to let happiness find you, and the best way that I know of for this is doing things for others. It could be small things, like helping someone with their homework, or bigger things, like providing relief to those in need. There are so many ways to make someone else’s day a bit better, and you’d be surprised at how much better it makes your own day. You get happiness by giving it to others.

I want to have the mindset of looking at “happily ever afters” not as, “everything in life is flawless”, but rather, life-even with it’s highs and lows- is good.