Holiday Cards

I love to receive holiday cards. They are so personal, heartwarming, and festive. This year, I decided to make some hand made Christmas/Holiday cards. It’s great to do if you like craft making, but don’t feel intimidated by the word “card making”. It’s easy to think that you have to make extraordinarily beautiful cards with lots of detail, but I find the the best cards are actually the most simple. Creativity doesn’t have to be intimidating or painstakingly hard!

The Wrapped Gift

  IMG_4750 (1).JPG    IMG_4745 (1).JPG

Start by cutting out little red squares out of red felt. Then cut tiny strips of gold ribbon. Also cut out a bow shape for the top of the present; I used some ribbon scraps for this. Assemble by gluing everything on the paper, and you have a little wrapped gift card decoration.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


This one is very simple. Just cut out a circle from any material/paper you would like, and paste it onto the card. Then draw some antlers!

The Snowman

 IMG_4746 (1).JPG    IMG_4747.JPG

First, shape two cotton balls. One should be slightly larger than the other. Then, cutout your garments for the snowman; black top hat, red felt scarf, and nose(and also hands + boots if you would like). Paste the cotton balls onto the card, then the hat, scarf, and nose. Paste a little button on the scarf, and then dot the eyes with black pen.


And you can also use the same decorations for tags!

IMG_4742 (2).JPG


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