This Fall Season

I think that I’m just starting to realize how much I love fall. I love crisp breeze in the air, the crunch of leaves on the ground, and of course, the warm cozy feeling that comes along with it all. Today it’s raining in Palo Alto. This may not seem like big news for most people, but here, where rain counts as a few droplets of mist, it’s a big deal.

Fall also means Halloween. I’m pretty sure last year I said that it would be the last time I dressed up, but that’s a lie. In reality, I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep dressing up for the rest of my life…no joke. Dressing up makes Halloween ten times more fun, and I love to get the most out of each holiday.

Another exciting holiday that comes with the fall season is Thanksgiving. Just thinking about it makes me feel warm inside. I picture the turkey on the table, the stuffing with steam arising from it, and the festive pumpkins scattered among the house. And of course, I’m excited to give thanks for all of the great things in life, such as being with family.

Fall is here, and I couldn’t be more excited😁

For all you pumpkin lovers: be sure to check out Trader Joe’s to stash up on their festive pumpkin treats and snacks! They have PUMPKIN MOCHI!


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