Mini Apple Pies

There’s nothing better than warm apple pie on a rainy fall day… or really any day! My mom and I love to make apple pie, but specifically, mini apple pies. It’s super simple, and really convenient for packing in lunches. My mom and I use a few different recipes for whenever we’re craving this treat…

The Filling

This filling recipe is where we actually got the idea of making mini apple pies. If you use this recipe, you’ll be in very good hands. It accounts for the perfect ratio of apples to spice, making a great filling. It doesn’t include a dough recipe, and that’s why I included my favorite one below.

The Dough

This dough has the perfect texture; soft on the inside but flaky on the outside. This is my go-to for every recipe that requires pastry dough. It’s simple, but most importantly, one taste and you’re on cloud 9.

The Crumble

The crumble is totally an optional part of this treat, but I think it adds a nice sugary crunch. Another idea would be to top the pies with a thin layer of dough(and slice a few holes on the top to aerate the pies)…or if you want to get fancy, then you can make a lattice!

Notes: Use cupcake liners to act as pie pan and bake at 400 degrees F for 18-22 minutes.

And don’t forget to serve it with vanilla ice cream🍦


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