Bare Bowls

While walking down the street of downtown Palo Alto, you may run into a place with the name of  BARE. At first, you will likely mistake it for some fitness place, but once you open the door, you will find something quite different. Greeted by air conditioning and the smell of bananas, you will figure out that it’s not a fitness place, but a food place.

The origins of this restaurant come from the growing popularity in a certain type of berry; the Acai Berry. Full of tastiness and health benefits, you just couldn’t not make a restaurant to spread Acai love.

All of my friends and fellow Palo Altans have been raging about how good Bare is, and so I decided to go and see for myself(and also take those artsy photos that people have been posting all the time). So my first question was, what are Acai Bowls? Well the answer is: they are bowls with a smoothie-like-base covered with yummy toppings such as fruit and granola. Sounds tasty right?

When I walked into Bare, I immediately noticed the uniquely decorated walls of the restaurant. One wall had bowls glued onto it, and another had words that read “live generously” on it. I really liked these fun decorations, and the clean-modern ambiance.

The menu has many different options, some of which include their Cardinal Bowl(most popular bowl), their refreshing Rincon bowl, their protein packed Trailblazer bowl, and their energizing Power bowl. The bowls are said to have very good health benefits including high fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats. The great news is, is that they’re tasty too! I ordered the Rincon bowl my first time at Bare, and if I had to use one word to describe it, I would say: refreshing. Whether you’re hungry after a workout, or you just need a snack on a hot afternoon, Bare bowls are the perfect snack to satisfy your food craving.

The smoothie-like Acai base topped with the fresh fruit provides the perfect texture and variety of fruity flavors. The actual Acai berry flavor is not very distinguishable though. If someone were to tell me that it was made with blueberries(when it was actually made with Acai berries), I probably wouldn’t notice. Even so, the combination of the Acai base and the fresh fruit makes a delicious spoonful.

Along with its refreshingness, I really appreciated the quality of the fruit and the granola. The fruit tasted like it came right out of the garden, and the granola tasted like real homemade granola; not like cereal from a box.

I think that the thing that really brings people back to Bare, other than it’s refreshingly good bowls, is how they look. The bowls themselves are an artwork. In some of their bowls, the fruit is arranged in a way where all of the different fruits encircle each other, and in the center is a tower of sweet granola topped with berries and honey. In other bowls, a trail of bananas line the outside of the bowl, and  granola and hemp seeds lay in the center. Also, the bold-vibrant color of the Acai base peeks through the blanket of toppings, which keeps you staring at the beautiful creation for forever. It would be impossible not to take a photo of your Bare Bowl.

The only two things that I would change about Bare were its service and its prices. Sadly in my experience, service was not as fast as it should’ve been. I waited for about fifteen minutes, and I think that making a Bare Bowl should take around five minutes. Also, the prices of the bowls seemed very pricey, especially considering it’s simplicity(regular bowl costs $12 and small costs $8). Having made an Acai bowl before, I know that they’re super super easy to make, and made with simple ingredients. Even so, I find that the experience of going to Bare is very good one.

Bare’s fun-earthy atmosphere, and it’s tasty-beautiful bowls attract people from all over the Bay Area for a healthy snack. I would strongly recommend trying these unique bowls while you’re walking down University Avenue.


Check out their website for more photos: BARE

My favorite Ahhh-Sighhh-EEEE Recipe

Ingredients for the base:

  • frozen fruit(strawberries, banana)
  • 1 Frozen Acai pack(I recommend Samazon AÇAÍ Packs)
  • 1/4 cup Almond milk


1. Combine in blender and blend.

2. Top with granola(I like to use Nature Valley), banana, strawberries, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, and agave.



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