Interview: The New Tava


My Exclusive Interview with the VP of Operations

I was very fortunate to be able to talk to Tava’s VP of Operations, as he was there when I was there. He kindly allowed me to ask him a few questions about the new menu, and its dishes. Here’s my short interview with Jim Smith:

ME: So first of all, why did you guys change your menu?

JIM: So what we like about Indian food is it’s got great flavors, but our old menu was kind of limited on how far we could take it. So what we decided to do is go more South Asian, and kind of cheat a little bit East and West from India to bring in some new flavors, and then kind of also bring in the local produce of California…so kind of that California infused flavor.

ME: Ahhh, okay. And how does it work, the new menu?

JIM: So the new menu, well, I think it’s pretty simple. It’s entrees and sides. So you’ll come in, you’ll choose to have your entree over a bed of brown rice, and then you pick a side, or two sides, or three sides depending on how hungry you are and just kind of build it as you would a normal kind of dinner. We also have wraps available if you want something more portable…it’s a great little portable device.

ME: So what are the most popular dishes that you sell?

JIM: I think people tend to go to what they recognize, so the Chicken Tikka has been the most popular because it’s kind of a common item. For the side dishes, Asian Mac & Cheese. And then for the cold sides, I think that the Crunchy Kale and Quinoa has been one of the most popular items followed closely by the Edamame and Noodle Slaw. The Noodle Slaw just looks so bright, people just really want to try it.

Me: Yeah, I agree. Thank you.




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